Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Types of Music video: Conceptutal

Cinematography: For cinematography there is a variety of shot types in this video which makes it intertesting as the shot being used it forever changing keeping us focused on the video. For example there is a lot of close ups and long shots on the puppets from numerous angles, this gives the video a sense of identity as its like watching a real gig another strong element of the cinematography is it kept cutting away from the performance to see the reaction from the audience with there facial expressions often confirming how we feel ourselfs as the video is very conceptutal and hadn't really been done before.

Editing : A lot of editing has gone into this video

mise en scene :
This video is set within a villages pub with the performance coming from a punch and judy stand which the children are watching. A number of props are used throughout the performance given by the puppet version of coldplay for example at 4:13 with the use of the helicopter however a lot of props are still used outside of this with all the rooms interrior plus food and added table,chairs etc. For costume however there isn't a single change between the characters on the other hand the costume their using is very detailed and looks good

Relationship between the music and the type of video :
Firstly the lyrics themselves contradict each other as at first they sing ' There's a cold world its a violent world' but later sing 'every road is a ray of light' followed by singing  'still its a beautiful night' this connotes that even though theres stuff going wrong and it can be dangerous, the world is a beautiful place. When you put the song lyrics and video together it connotes foreshadowing the children's life telling them life isn't always great but its always worth it. The song and video denote inspiration through the lyrics and also throughout the video too. You can denote this when the drummer drops his drum sticks into the little girls hands this represents the passing over of the task of inspiring and making people enjoy music.