Monday, 3 October 2011

Music Video Analysis - Ed Sheeran , Lego House

Cinematography - In this video a number of basic shot types are used predominantly consisting of Mid and Long shots allowing the audience to denote his isolation throughout the video. The video seems as its shot with omniscient narration throughout however we later find out that the protagonist is actually a stalker making the begining of the video restricted, when we find out he's an stalker it further connotes the idea of loneliness. The mid shot at 3:11 allows you to denote all the puppets he has made to give him a sense of friendship connoting loneliness once again. The song lyrics are amplified at times during the video for instance at 1:41 when he hangs a picture on the wall and the lyrics sing 'If things go right we can frame it and put it on a wall'.

Editing -

Mise en scene - In this video there are no noticeable costume changes by any of the characters. However there are a number of different locations used throughout this connotes loneliness as he's always by himself in very isolated areas for example the long corridoor at 0:18 or when he was sitting on the bench in a field at 1:02 writting by himself.

Genre - Ed Sheeran is known for a number of different genres such as Folk rock, acoustic, Hip-Hop and GrimeHowever the song Lego House, the third single lifted from the debut studio album '+' is recognized as Folk and Soul.

Target Audience - Ed Sheeran has a wide target audience as he craters for multiple genres which you can see throughout his mixtapes and new debut studio album. His primary audience age is between 15-25 with him appealing to both males and females. He is was mainly self promoted and grew his own fan base by doing as many gigs as possible and by uploading videos of himself onto YouTube for people to view he also flew to Los Angles unsigned and after doing a few gigs was spotted by Jamie Foxx who invited him to stay at his house