Sunday, 2 October 2011

Analysis of past students work - Young Love,Hurtwood House

Use of Conventions : There are a couple of conventions used in this video, the biggest convention for this video is having the band/artist feature in it between shots we often see this in mainstream videos as it helps to promote and sell the artist. The other convention used was having a love interest in the video who their singing about. Another convention used was the lyrics used in the music video as they represent him as being a sweet and caring person a typical trait for lead singers in the pop genre

Technical aspects : Throughout the music video they use IStopMotion, i like this because its unusual and adds something different to the video as it allows you to be more creative for example without it they wouldn't of been able to do the Egg scene. However the cinematography used during the video on the band i thought was a little boring as it was mostly close ups or long shots and got repetitive, they also didn't look as if they was actually singing so that aided to ruining the shots.

mise en scene : I thought the props used in this video was the strongest part of their mise en scene, a good example of this is the metal biscuit cutter used when frying the egg as it was in the shape of a heart denoting love which amplifies the lyrics to the visual images. Another aspect i liked was the locations used because it made it more interesting then being in the same place for a whole video. A let down for the video however was the costume used as it was bland and didn't add to the video.

Star persona : From the representation of this video i would call them a young band with a predominant target audience of teenage girls you can denote this when he's walking around shirtless connoting hes comfatable with his body and also conforming to the stereotype of young pop/rock groups. Throughout the video he is also shown as a sweet hearted boy from the song lryics but also on screen images for example he brings a girl breakfast in bed connoting he's a nice person and knows how to treat a lady which will broaden his fan base another exaple of this is when he sings ' If i only knew your name i'd go from door to door' connoting he's ready to treck the streets non-stop for his love.