Monday, 3 October 2011

Music Video Analysis - ColdPlay, Fix you

Cinematography - This is a performance video, you can denote this as the lead singer or other band members are shown throughout the video between the power points. The video also amplifies the lyrics at times for instance at 1:12 he sings ' The lights will guide you home' as he turns into a tunnel with light leading to the exit. Another instance of this is when the tempo speeds up and he starts to run connoting energy and excitement.
Editing - During the video it appears that the footage has been slowed down at numerous points for example the beinging of the video denotes this.

Mise en Scene - A number of locations are used in this video across London including the arena. As the majority of them are avaerage streets in London it connects them to their audience as people can draw similarties with them connoting them to be down to earth people. Also the costuming for this video is basic as they don't change clothing once this also connotes them being down to earth people.

Genre - ColdPlay are an alternative rock band from Britain, the Song 'Fix you' is of the alternative rock and Post-BritPop genre an Sub-genre to alternative rock. It reached number four in the UK's singles chart and was played live at the Steve Jobs memorial/celebration-of-life event 2011.

Target Audience - ColdPlays originally primary audience was of 12-17 year olds however when researching i found this surprising and noticed that it has changed since they started. They now have a much wider audience range of 15-40 as over the years their original fans who grew up with them and have aged leading to an explantion in audience as younger listeners have become part of it.