Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Types of music Video: Performance video

 Cinematography -In this video the shot types used are very basic. The composition of the shots are all based around Beyonce with the camera on her at all times this denotes her dominance in the video. Even though the cmaera shots used are basic the movement from the camera is very good and dosen't stay still for long periods of times often giving the illustion of the dancers moving when infact its the camera. It also used a number of Zoom,panning and tracking shots throughout the video giving you views from loads of angles but mostly with beyonce in between the power points, once again connoting her importance and dominance within the video.

Editing -The whole video is shot in black and white, when changing shot type or shot angle in the video they often use a quick fade effect to make the video look smoother and avoid annoying jump shots which would ruin the visual imagery on screen, causing you to lose focus with beyonces performance.

Mise en scene - In the video Beyonce and her backing dances wear black leotards throughout with black heels as their only costume which is unusual for a mainstream music video. During the video there is one main overhead light on them at all times with fades introduced when the shop angle is changed. The back drop to the video is white however at times its dark and has shadows depending on the rest of the lighting. While the Mise en scene in this video is basic its also effective in what it does as it draws your attention to the performance strickly and not the background which is a positive as its a performance video.

Relationship between music and lyrics and type of video -
It is mainly a dance video without many relationships between the lyrics and the actually video footage however when she sings "put a ring on it" she references her hand by pointing towards it connoting she means wedding ring. Another  link between the video and the lyrics can be denoted when she runs to the other side of our screen when she sings 'And like a ghost our be gone' this action connotes that she won't wait around  and will just move on symbolizing she's a strong modern female which she tries to show through her newer video's including this one.