Monday, 3 October 2011

Music Video Analysis - Big sean , My last Ft. Chris brown

Cinematography - During the video the camera cuts to a mid shot of Big sean multiple times on a balcony over looking the rest of L.A this connotes dominance and also suggests he's better then the rest as he's above the city. Throughout the video Big Sean or Chris Brown are found between the power points of the camera connoting their dominance an power. However at times it cuts to a close up on a womens face, this is often used in the Hip-Hop genre and numerous others worldwide and conforms to the male gaze theory it also connotes his authority again by having 'beautiful' women in his video further backed up by a two shot showing him walking a way to another women denoting he's not bothered about women and that he can pick and chose when he wants connoting dominance and superiority over women.

Editing - Throughout the video there are numerous flash backs to Big Sean's past denoting the big changes that he has made in his life and music career. In the video their is a shot reverse shot between him and a lady sitting in the opposite chair, the scene ends with Big Sean walking off to talk to another girl this connotes he see's women as sex objects that can be replaced a common stereotype in the Hip-Hop genre.

Mise en scene - The location for this video is set in a modern apartment/house in Hollywood over seeing the rest of Los Angles from this you denote the artists wealth this conforms to the lyrics of the song, a good example of this is in one of Chris Brown's verses 'I work to hard to be balling on a budget' once again connoting back to their wealth. The costumes in this video are very Urban which connotes to their background and genre giving them a connection with their target audience.

Genre - Big Sean is a young, up and coming Hip-Hop artist while Chris Brown is a well known R&B/Hip-Hop artist. However this song is considered to be Hip-Hop with it reaching number one in the Us billboards Rap section. Sean described the song as a "real great party song."

Target audience - Big Sean and Chris Brown have different primary audiences but share some similar elements in their tracks as they both make music for the Hip-Hop genre. For example as Big Sean is primarly a rapper, he attracts young males from 14 to late 20's while Chris Brown is a singer giving him a primary audience of teenage females streatching to late 20's as his original audience ages. This is why this track works well because Big Sean and Chris Brown bring their different elements of the Hip-Hop genre together making it a enjoyable song for both audiences.