Monday, 10 October 2011

Intertextuality Study -Robbie williams,Let me entertain you

 The key intertextual reference in this video is to the rock band Kiss, particularly with Robbie referencing the style of their lead artist Gene Simmons.
This is achieved through mirroing different aspects for example their Dress code of sequins, lycra, black and white colour scheme and boots another way Robbie imitated them was by using their iconic face make-up style of white face with black lips and eyes he also copied the Hairstyle of being big and hairsprayed.
Lead performance style and facial expressions also added to the references towards Kiss you can denote this through numerous close ups during the music video, a good example of this is the first shot used as it connotes our stereotypes of Kiss and instantly reminds us of them while subverting our ideas on Robbie this will broaded his fan base as he's branching out into other styles another example of his reference to them is the used of 'Flying V guitars' which was often was opted style used by Kiss.

These references change the predicted audience of the video as it attracts male,masculine rock fans over the previous target audience of Robbie Williams which consisted prodominantly of teenage girls and young womenand other pop fans.
Therefore, this music video broadens his image and identity from mainstream pop singer to someone who experiments with style and isn't just a tool of a major label.

  • You can easily see the references between Robbie on the left and Gene Simmons on the right in these two photo's. Another obvious comparsion used which i didn't mention earlier is having the chest area showing which you can denote in both pictures.