Monday, 3 October 2011

Analysis of past students work - Fluorescent Adolescent ,Hurtwood House

Use of conventions : A convention used in this video is the band being in shots throughout the video making it a performance video. Another convention used is the use of women in the video connoting a love interest which links them into the songs lyrics, on top of this is the amount their used as they normally feature between the power points connoting their importance in the video which is also a convention.

Technical aspects :  During this video they use a mixture of IStop Motion and  basic but effective camera shots to create meaning and convey emotion, the most typically used in this video is a close up shot.
At points Istop Motion and the camera shots used on the band come together for example the close on the the guitarist playing next to the dresser top has numerous items move across towards him, this works well because it looks as hes still playing the guitar normally. What helps this video is the actual performance by the lead singer as it looks realistic and keeps us more focused on the video then we would'ave been.

Mise en scene : One limitation of this video is its all shot in the same room however they have used the room very well, for example the props in the room change serveral times along with the wallpaper giving you a feel of a changed location. They also change their clothing in the video as they change the room walls from black to white, their clothing changes in a similar sense from dark coloured casual wear to light coloured polo's and shirts representing a change in attitude backed up by the tempo speeding up connoting energy and joy.

Star persona :
Through the song lyrics and music video itself it promotes them as a lively stereotypical group of young teenage boys who like to have fun you can denote this through the close ups on the beer cans and also the lyrics 'Remember when all the bars were electric'. I would say there predominant fan base would be teenage and young women with a smaller secondary audience of young men this is because through the video and lyrics they would be able to identify with them as this is what they do or recently did for the aging adult taking them back to enjoyable memories which would help sell the artist.