Monday, 3 October 2011

Analysis of past students work - Bird Song,Hurtwood House

Use of conventions : This is a performance video because she is the only person to feature in the video, through the mise en scene it also amplifies the lyrics of the song for example being in a bird cage and singing about a bird.

Technical aspects :  The cinematography and edited on this video are very good. There are numerous shot types throughout the video for example she starts the video on a high angle zooming in another shot type used often in this video is a panning shot across the artist allowing you to denote her feelings. The close up on the guitar showing the strings vibrate is also a very good innovative shot as its unusual and adds another dimension to the video then typical basic shots. For edit the slow motion used when the feathers are blown past her is very effective.

Mise en scene : This video has a really good mise en scene section with the props and location for instance she uses a bird cage as shes singing about a bird and also has feathers blown past her once again linking to the song lyrics. Her costume for this video is a white dress connoting purity and innocence which subverts the lyrics as shes singing about injuring a bird because of what it might sing about.

Star persona : Through her costume she is portrayed as innocent as she's wearing a white dress which connotes purity and innocence. You can also denote innocence from the first shot as we see her spinning on the swing connoting she's innocent as this is what we associate with children. These ideas are backed up through the lyrics at first as she sings 'a bird flew by so i set up a nest outside' this connotes she's caring and affectionate, however these ideas are subverted later in the song when she sings 'Trapped him under a carboard box stood on him to make him stop' this subverts are originally ideas about her and connotes that she actually not innocent. For location she is in a cage which connotes she locked up whichi connotes danger. Through the whole video we see her in two different lights so its hard to decide on one.