Wednesday, 13 July 2011

RichMix Music Video Workshop

The Richmix music video workshop was a valuable lesson for me.
  • It gave me a oppurinty to hear and ask questions about  the making of professional music videos
  • It also gave me a chance to better understand what really goes into making a good video
  • For example  i learnt that everytime you shoot a scene you should go through the whole song as it makes it easier when later syncing with the real music also it looks better if your actor actually sings the words otherwise it can look fake and ruin the feel of the video
  • It was really interesting and worth while to see a video be made and also great experience as i took park in shooting the video at one stage
  • I was a little disappointed that they didn't go into much detail about editing and feel that could be an area to improve for the course other than that everything was great
  • As we was helping to make a remake of one of Robbie williams videos, we was encouraged to have our face painted similar to his face in the video. It was a good expernce as it gave you a insight into how someone your filming could feel meaning i can relate to them and hopefuly make a better Music video myself because of this.
Overall i felt it was a benficial day for me and everyone else who attened. I think because of this i will be able to produce a better video for my work then if i didn't attend the workshop